Inside my travel bag

It is hereeee!! This post I have been wanting to share with you for ages, it has finally arrived!! It includes all the things I need for a good travel bag. Either on a plane or boat. Hope you enjoy! Xx The bag that I normally use is a rucksack I got from San Marino. … Continue reading Inside my travel bag


I’m back 😆

HIIIIIIII !!!! I'm back😆 It has been ages since I have posted anything on here due to exams. The study and stress of exams was a lot of pressure, but I survived to tell the tale. I missed blogging a lot so I am so happy to be back. Xx I finished school on the … Continue reading I’m back 😆


Heyy guys!! I have a very bad confession. I have been nominated a few time for different awards. I have a draft with the awards but it will be a while before I post it. I might also have to do it in two parts. I am really sorry to anyone who nominated me and … Continue reading Wanderlust